Ball Valves

API 6D - Pipeline Ball Valves Floating Ball Valves Multi Port Ball Valves Severe Service Ball Valves Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves Non Petrochemical Ball Valves

Butterfly Valves

CWP Rated Butterfly Valves P-T Rated Butterfly Valves

Change Over Valves

Change Over Valves

Check Valves - Special

Dual Plate Check Valves Non-slam Axial Flow Check Valves Single Plate Check Valves Tilting Disc Check Valves Triple Eccentric Check Valves

Cock Valves

Cock Valves

Deluge Valves

Diaphragm Valves

Fired Equipment


Fired Equipment Spares

Fire Equipment Spares - Other Boiler and Convection Tubes

Gate Valves - Special

Knife Gate Valves Resilient Seated Gate Valves Split Wedge Gate Valves

GGC - Generic Valves

GGC Cast - Class 600 and Below GGC Forged - Class 800 and Below

GGC Special Valves

GGC - -45 Degrees Celcius and Below Service GGC - HF Alkylation Service GGC - Hydrogen Service GGC - Oxygen Service GGC - Sour Service GGC Cast - Class 900 and Above GGC Cast - MP and HP Steam GGC Forged - Class 900 and Above GGC Forged - MP and HP Steam Service

Other Valves

Syncat Valves Xmas Tree Valves Non Ferous Valves Cast Iron Valves

PFF - Overland Line Pipe

Overland Line Pipe

PFF - Process Pipe - CS

Flanges - Carbon Steel Forged Fittings - Carbon Steel Pipe - Carbon Steel Wrought Fittings - Carbon Steel

PFF - Process Pipe - CrMo

Flanges - Chrome Moly Forged Fittings - Chrome Moly Pipe - Chrome Moly Wrought Fittings - Chrome Moly

PFF - Process Pipe - Exotic

Flanges - Exotic Steel Forged Fittings - Exotic Steel Pipe - Exotic Wrought Fittings - Exotic Steel

PFF - Process Pipe - SS

Flanges - Stainless Steel Forged Fittings - Stainless Steel Pipe - Stainless Steel Wrought Fittings - Stainless Steel

Pinch Valves

Pinch Valves

Pipe Bending

Cold Pulled Bends Hot Induction Bends

Plug Valves

DBB Expanding Plug Valves HF Alkylation Service Plug Valves Lubricated Plug Valves Multiport Plug Valves Non-lubricated Fully Lined Plug Valves Non-lubricated Sleeved-lined Plug Valves Chlorine Service

Pressure Vessel Components

Heat Exchanger Tubes - Carbon Steel Heat Exchanger Tubes - Duplex Heat Exchanger Tubes - Other Heat Exchanger Tubes - Stainless Steel

Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Columns - Carbon Steel Columns - Chrome Moly Steel Columns - Other Steel olumns - Stainless Steel Drums - Carbon Steel Drums - Chrome Moly Steel Drums - Other Steel Drums - Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers - Carbon Steel Heat Exchangers - Chrome Moly Steel Heat Exchangers - Other Steel Heat Exchangers - Stainless Steel Reactors - Carbon Steel Reactors - Chrome Moly Steel Reactors - Other Steel Reactors - Stainless Steel Spheres - Carbon Steel Spheres - Chrome Moly Steel Spheres - Other Steel Spheres - Stainless Steel

Tanks and Silos

Shop Fabricated Tanks Silos

PFF - Other

Non Petrochemical PFF

Valve Spares

Butterfly Valve Spares Ball Valve Spares Plug Valve Spares Diaphragm Valve Spares

General Consumables

Flowers General Hardware Groceries Hand Tools Overtime Meals Stationery Industrial Cleaning Chemicals Document  Storage and Management

Quality Control Management

Quality Control Condition Monitoring