Mechanical Level Measurement (Glasses;Floats;Gauges) Overpressure Protection (PRV;Bursting Disks;Vent Valves;etc)



Fans and Blowers

Cooling Tower;Fin Fan;Vacuum Blower;Lobe Blowers;Ancillaries


Fasteners (Industrial and General)

Fired Equipment

Boilers and Spares(Fired Heater;Service;Flares;Incinerators)

Flexible Joints

Metallic and Non-metallic Expansion Joints

Gas Engines

Gas Engines



Heat Exchange Equipment

Proprietary Heat Exchangers (Compabloc;Plate and Shell;etc.)

Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic Equipment Spares and Services(Hoses;Cylinders;etc)

Miscellaneous Mechanical

Fire Systems (Fire Hydrant;Deluge Valve;Spray Nozzle;etc) Silencers Special Components(Ceramic Feral;Swage Fittings;Springs;etc)

Mixing and Blending

Static and Rotating Mixers (Agitators;Stirrers;Mixers;etc)


Non-Metallic (Tanks and Vessels and Pipes) Non-Metallic Ancillaries (Valves and Fittings and etc.)

Pipes and Fittings and Flanges

Hot Induction Bending and Cold Pulled Bending

Piping and Loading Equipment

Pipe Supports and Maintenance Product Loading Equipment;Flexible Hoses;Folding Stairs

Power Transmission Components

Bearing; Coupling; Sprocket; Pulley; V Belt; Drive Chain; etc

Process Compressor

Centrifugal Compressor;Steam or Gas Turbins and Ancillaries Positive Displ;Wear Parts for Recip Compressor;Ancillaries

Processing and Packaging Machines

Bagging;Packaging;Labelling;Process Conveyor;Processing;et


Centrifugal Pumps Positive Displacement Pumps Submersible Pumps


Rotating Seals (Mechanical Seal;Dry Gas Seal;Labyrinth Seal) Static Seals (Gaskets;Packing;Static Seals;Isolating Joints)

Separation and Filtration

Centrifuges Elements and Spares Filter Housings

Steam Equipment

Steam Equipment (Monitoring and Maintenance)


Alloy Steels and Exotic Materials and Specialised Services General Steel (Sheets;Structural; Channel;I-Beam;Angles;etc) Specialised Forgings (Tube Sheet Forgings and Tool Steels) Steel Castings and Forgings

Utility Compressors

General Utility Application Package Air Compressors and Ancillaries Refrigeration Compressors and Ancillaries

Valves (Mechanical) Services

Valve Locks Valves Refurbishment

Water Treatment Equipment

Bio Works;Dosing System;Corrosion Inhibitor Systems;etc