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Sasol Delight is thrilled to introduce our two newest burgers: The Boerie Beef Burger and the Mzansi Crispy Chicken Burger. These mouth-watering delights are now available at select Sasol Delight forecourts.

Boerie Beef Burger

If you're in the mood for braai flavours, our Boerie Beef Burger is a perfect choice. With a delicious twist of boerewors in our Sasol Delight beef patty, combined with fresh ingredients and our delectable new relish, it's a taste sensation not to be missed.

Mzansi Crispy Chicken Burger

Indulge in our Mzansi Crispy Chicken Burger, a tantalising creation filled with tangy, creamy mayo, crisp iceberg lettuce, and a selection of herbs and spices. It's bursting with Mzansi flavour that will leave you craving more.

For a list of stores where you can experience these delicious burgers, check out our store listing below.

At Sasol Delight, we create food with you in mind, ensuring it tastes great and is served with speed, freshness, and friendly service.

Fast. Fresh. Friendly!


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