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Supply Chain is the custodian of all external spend for the Sasol Group.  It is responsible for managing supply and demand so as to ensure cost-efficiency and maximise return on spend, while at the same time ensuring effective logistics of a range of deliverables.

Our Procurement and Supply Management unit procures all commodities, services, feedstock and raw materials for our global operations. We understand the critical role that some commodities play in Sasol operations, as well as the impact of cost on profitability and financial sustainability. We are therefore structured to strategically manage costs, taking into account the net effect of costs on the company’s profit while also balancing the scarcity of some commodities and the logistical challenges of securing supply to remote areas.


Our Capital Project Procurement (CPP) unit is responsible for sourcing goods and services for the capital projects demand across the Sasol group. The capital projects portfolio is growing and increasing in complexity, in line with the group’s commitment to delivering superior shareholder returns through capital investments that yield long-term value and growth.

By managing the end-to-end capital sourcing process through the effective integration of the commercial procurement strategy, contracting, contract management and direct procurement, the CPP organisation ensures the availability of the correct materials and services in the appropriate quantities, quality and cost to Sasol’s portfolio of projects.

Supplier Management is key to all these activities and is accountable for the following key deliverables:

  • Continuously improve Supplier Management processes
  • Ensure Supplier evaluation and performance management
  • Create a collaborative and partnering relationship with suppliers
  • Creation of a Supplier Training Academy
  • Drive BBBEE targets for the Sasol Group
  • Oversee Supplier Application and Accreditation
  • Implement Supplier Code of Ethics