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Supply Chain Fraud Alert


Businesses today are continuously faced with new waves of phishing and procurement related scams. These can typically take the form of requests for quotations (RFQs) or similar purchase requests.

At Sasol we understand the impact that these scams can have on your business and cash flow.  We urge you to take extra precaution and always adhere to the Sasol processes.

The following Fraud Alert Notice is available in English and Portuguese which confirms the applicable Procurement processes and serves as an important guideline to our stakeholders on what to expect when conducting business with Sasol. 

Should you feel uncertain about the validity of a RFQ or procurement request, the following Fraud Alert guidelines serves as a test to confirm what to expect when doing business with Sasol. You can alternatively contact the Sasol Contact Centre on +27 860 104 777 or or Mozambique – 800 112 233 or 0800 333 312. 

We would like to encourage all our suppliers to please report RFQ fraud to the police and