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With the scarcity of talent in South Africa and globally it is essential for Sasol to ensure continuous availability of skills to sustain our growth. The Sasol bursary programme is a critical talent lever to enable us to meet our strategic and transformation objectives. It is a talent-based programme for South African citizens, where applicants who meet the minimum criteria may be invited to a selection interview. The Sasol Bursary programme comprises a comprehensive package that covers both financial as well as developmental support throughout the study period.

All applications are done electronically, in order to speed up the selection process as well as to enable electronic tracking of applications received within a particular period. The number of bursaries awarded each year is dependent on the business need. Consequently, failure to secure a Sasol bursary is not necessarily due to poor performance on the part of the applicant, but may be a reflection of insufficient business demand. Sasol is a petrochemical company and hence the majority of bursaries awarded are in the engineering, science and commerce fields.

Internships & Endowments – North America

Sasol Chemicals America’s summer internship program is a key component in the company’s strategic recruiting, culture and retention initiative. Since 2014, 57 college students have participated in the paid program and of those, 32 percent were hired as full-time employees after earning their degrees.

Sasol’s Chemicals America’s internships provide real-world experience and give students the opportunity to better understand what it’s like to work for a major chemicals company while interacting with a wide range of professionals across the business.

Endowments are an essential part of Sasol’s social investment programme. In Chemicals America, Sasol has also established endowments with many colleges and universities.