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Sasol Chemicals fulfills Sasol’s purpose of “Innovating for a better world” by offering a broad, state-of-the-art portfolio of specialty and commodity chemicals for a wide range of applications and industries.

As a global solutions provider, we make it possible for our customers to create products that add value, security and comfort to the daily lives of people around the world. We achieve this through our:

  • Unique chemistry portfolio and technology leadership
  • Well-invested, advantaged global asset base
  • Focus on creating and delivering specialty solutions that drive product innovation
  • Commitment to sustainability both in our operations and across the life cycle of our products


Our global presence, integrated value chains and strong market positions provide the foundation for future growth, connecting our unique chemistry with our customers and partners to create value and develop innovative solutions for a better and more sustainable world.


  • Presence in 17 countries
  • 4 500 employees from 52 nationalities
  • 7,500 customers in 120 countries
  • 7 research and development facilities in five countries
  • More than $8.5 billion in annual revenue


A changing environment provides unique opportunities for Sasol Chemicals to deliver the specialised products customers need to adapt and evolve:

  • Opportunities to decarbonise production. Sasol Chemicals is both a consumer of renewable energy and a solutions provider for companies that produce and use renewables.
  • Answering the call for increased sustainability. Sasol Chemicals produces branched alcohols that lessen the environmental impact of fabric care and surfactants that enhance CO2 sequestration.
  • Growth in waste-reducing and circular solutions. Our alcohols enable customers to significantly reduce waste in their own operations.

Solutions aligned to powerful megatrends: We are a supplier of choice for key components in battery materials.

Sasol Chemicals is transforming into a SOLUTIONS PROVIDER focused on SUSTAINABILITY, CIRCULARITY, and SPECIALTIES.