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Our broad portfolio of solvents, synthetic waxes, comonomers and specialty chemicals complements our diverse alcohols and surfactants, enabling us to deliver industrial and differentiated solutions to our customers in various applications either as main ingredient, building block or performance additive.

Our products are used across a wide range of industries including metalworking fluids and lubrication, inks, paints, coatings and adhesives (including for packaging), and agricultural solutions.


Differentiated portfolio

Our Performance Solutions differentiated portfolio offers a broad range of products that deliver superior performance in metalworking fluids and lubrication, coatings and adhesives, performance additives, and agricultural solutions.

Our multifunctional components for metalworking fluids and lubricants enable superior performance in automotive and industrial applications from optimised emulsification, corrosion inhibition, lubrication and stabilisation.


  • high-performance alcohols, esters, ethers, and carboxylic acids
  • customisable surfactants
  • oil and water soluble polyglycols
  • Guerbet Alcohols

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We offer a broad range of additives for coatings that provide high performance wetting, rheology modification, foam control, emulsification (including emulsion polymerisation) and improved surface properties (rub and slip, durability). Our waxes are approved for food contact and optimise modern hot melt adhesive properties for packaging and non-woven applications.


  • formulation and surface modifiers
  • (Co-) solvents and coalescents
  • tailored FT wax cuts, blends and forms

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Our unique polymer processing additives enable increased output at lower off-spec and over weights. Our specialty plasticizers enable soft synthetic leather and wiring for electric vehicles.

Our unique asphalt additives enable paving at lower temperatures with reduced emissions, improved compaction, and extended lifetime. They also increase the durability of bituminous roofing and waterproofing uses.

Our unique portfolio of agro chemicals additives are tailored to meet new market trends and regulatory requirements. Our alcohols, surfactants, waxes and solvents are enabling performance optimisation and safer application of crop protection, soil and plant nutrition, and tank-mix adjuvant formulations.


  • FT hard waxes, functionalised waxes and blends, total lubrication packages
  • alcohols and plasticizers
  • nucleators and release agents
  • emulsifiers, dispersants, wetting agents
  • tank-mix adjuvant components
  • fertiliser additives
  • specialty solvents

Industrial portfolio

Our Performance Solutions Industrial Portfolio group provides customers with reliable solutions that enable them to deliver superior performance in their finished products.

Our broad portfolio of acrylates, aliphatic & oxygenated solvents and other process chemicals, allow us to deliver value to our customers in various industrial applications as a key ingredient, building block or solvent. We offer metal coatings, high solid coatings and leveling agents.


  • specialty grade acetone, MEK and MiBK
  • high purity ethanol, a range of ethanol blends, n and i-propanol, n and i-butanol and a range of C4+ alcohols
  • ethyl and Butyl Acrylate monomers

We are a leading provider of comonomers (n-pentene, n-hexene and n-octene) mainly used in the production of linear low density and high density polyethylene, Polyalphaolefins (PAO) as well as Elastomers and Plastomers. 

Our products allow our customers to tailor and enhance the mechanical properties (eg toughness, clarity, sealing performance, flexibility) to align with market requirements.


  • octene
  • hexene
  • pentene